Gimbal Yaw Offset - Point Camera Here Mode

I am working on a drone platform running ardupilot 4.5 with a gremsy S1V3 mounted to the underside. The gimbal payload includes a camera and a laser source. I am trying to achieve accurate pointing (1 degree) of the laser over a distance of 100m.

We also have an RTK base station set up that is surveyed down to an accuracy of 0.5m.

In mission planner when i run the ‘point camera here’ or the ‘point camera coordinates’ there seems to be a constant 5 degree offset in the gimbal pointing.

I have surveyed the target coordinates using the drone itself to avoid any geolocation errors from the mission planner gui.

It would be great if there was a mnt_yaw_offset parameter in ardupilot 4.5 but i can’t seem to find it.

Has anyone had similar issues in precision camera pointing and managed to find a repeatable solution?


Did you try to calibrate the laser first?
When you test with a gimbal, how do you know the laser is about
deviation 5 degrees for the gimbal pointing?
Thank you!

Thanks for the reply! The laser is mechanically aligned with the camera. We are currently basing the pointing accuracy on where the centre of the cameras field of view (Central Pixel).