Gimbal "TYPE" option greyed out in Mission Planner V. 1.3.79

The gimbal “TYPE” option at the top of the page is greyed out! Also other gimbal options like “Input CH” etc are also greyed out.

I am unable to understand why is this happening?

Your mission planner version is 1.3.79
Your ArduCopter version is 4.2.1

Do not confuse them.

The solution is to update to ArduCopter 4.3.2-rc1 and use the “full parameter three” to activate and configure the gimbal.


Did the upgrade of ArduPlane version but still the options for “Type” is greyed out!

Also could not find any option in the Full Parameter Tree

What could be missing?

It’s greyed out in Mission Planners Camera Gimbal page because MP has not caught with the fact there are 2 configurable gimbals now. Periodically update MP to latest Beta and someday it will be fixed.

What is the solution right now?

How do I make it active?

You don’t, you configure in the Full Parameters list. Get in the habit and these annoyances won’t slow you down.