Gimbal tilt initial angle setting?

I have a tarot brushless gimbal controller which handles stabilisation, taking a tilt angle setting from AUX1 (RC7) as configured through MissionPlanner’s camera gimbal page.

When I power on, if the TX is switched off, the camera defaults to pointing straight down (equivalent to low PWM). Is it possible to change the value being sent to the gimbal at startup (no RC input) from low PWM to mid? I’ve tried setting the “Neutral” angles in the gimbal control page to no avail.The design of my copter means otherwise the camera hits the floor!

When the TX is switched on, it goes to the angle set by my control wheel as it’s supposed to.


I have a similar issue with a STorM32 gimbal and the fix was easy: Power up the radio before you power up the aircraft… Like we have been doing since the beginning of RC…

Yes the neutral angles should do that.
If it doesn’t report a bug.

I had the opportunity to do some more testing tonight.

If I change MNT_DEFAULT_MODE to “Neutral”, then it correctly positions the gimbal according to the neutral positions set in MP. However, then I have no control over the gimbal from the TX because it never switches to “RC Targeting”.

I’m therefore not sure whether to file this as a bug or suggested feature. In my opinion, on loss of radio signal/no radio signal, the autopilot should set the gimbal to neutral angles (unless in a mission), rather than default to minimum pwm.