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Gimbal stable on the ground, not in the air

(vosair ) #1

Hey everyone. This is driving me crazy. My gimbal works great when I test it by hand on the ground. As soon as I put it in the air on my drone, it loses stability and then shuts off, leaving the green light on the controller blinking. Any idea what’s going on? Video examples below. I tried using a dedicated gimbal battery to rule out the possibility of a power issue, but it didn’t help. I’m guessing it’s vibration related? Any suggestions are much appreciated! It’s a walkera g-3s gimbal with a Sony RX100VI



(Mike Boland) #2

When testing by hand can you upset the camera and it returns to level?
Or does it error out?

There could be a few parameters in their controller to adjust.
Motor power?
Angle error limit?

I am not familiar with their controller but it is usually just parameter adjustments.

(vosair ) #3

When testing by hand it returns to level quickly without any problems. I’ve played with the tune a bit, (it is a very limited gimbal controller) and it seemed to make very little difference, if any at all.