Gimbal not work

hello everyone!
I just received my ArduPilot 2.6, everything is fine but …
I be trying to operate the camera gimbal servos. I followed the guide page does not work.
I connect the tilt servo to rc10 and I set it up in MP. in RC10 just connect the cable from the servo signal, and connect the + and - output 7.
look at the pictures, I need to connect the servo to an external source?
servo model is the micro servo 9g

How are you powering the APM? Are you using the PM with J1 removed?
If you are, then you have the power the APM servo output power bus with a BEC or the BEC that is in an ESC. When J1 is removed the power for the APM, whether it is coming from the PM or a separate BEC on the APM R/C receiver input, does not power the APM servo output power bus.
Here is the Wiki link for powering the APM without J1: … _Installed
TCIII ArduRover2 Developer

Hello, if you count from the right hand side of the pins, start at 0,1,2 etc it shows in your pic that you are in pin a11 not pin a10…