Gimbal not controlled by joystick

I use suspension on the servo (roll & pitch) and Joystick Logitech Extreme 3D Pro. Gimbal stabilization works, remote control on channel 10 (pitch) also works, but control from the joystick does not work. In the joystick settings, Hatud1 is set to channel 10 and the values in the window change. And there is one more point. If you try to control the gimbal using the tabPayload tab, the gimbal stabilization stops working and is no longer controlled from the remote control.

Now I checked the work of the Storm32 gimbal. I tried both on the mawlink and on the serial. With the joystick does not want to work in any way. In the joystickaxisArduCopter2.xml file everything seems to be correct:
channel 10
axis Hatud1
reverse false
expo 0