Gimbal detected as FC

My home made gimbal is detected as a FC instead of a gimbal.
We can see in the log that we have :

INFO MissionPlanner.MAVLinkInterface - ID sys 26 comp 154 ver3 type QUADROTOR name ARDUPILOTMEGA
INFO MissionPlanner.MAVLinkInterface - set giveComport current True new False
INFO MissionPlanner.MAVLinkInterface - set giveComport plugin runner thread current False new True
INFO MissionPlanner.MAVLinkInterface - ID sys 1 comp 1 ver3 type QUADROTOR name ARDUPILOTMEGA

I don’t understand why. So i’m giving you more informations :

this is how i’m sending the heartbeat in my gimbal code :

void heartbeat(void)

mav_message msg;
mav_initMessage(&msg, 26, 154, 0, 0);
mav_setMessageId(&msg, 0);

msg.payload[0] = 0;
msg.payload[1] = 0;
msg.payload[2] = 0;
msg.payload[3] = 0;
msg.payload[4] = 26; // TYPE : GIMBAL
msg.payload[5] = 8; // MAV_AUTOPILOT_INVALID
msg.payload[6] = 0;
msg.payload[7] = 3;
msg.payload[8] = 3; //MAVLINK VERSION

msg.checksum = mav_calculateChecksum(&msg,msg.crcExtra);


I’m sending a heartbeat message at 1Hz.
The gimbal is just requesting data from the FC (with a command long and set_message_interval) and is receiving data from my plugin in MP. So there is no message other message than heartbeat send by the gimbal to the GCS. And for the command long send to the orange cube, this is how it is packed :

void Request_Rc_Channels(void)
float32 parameters[7] = {65, 500000, 0, 0, 0 , 0, 0 };
mav_message msg;

mav_initMessage(&msg, 26, 154, 0, 0);
mav_setMessageId(&msg, 76);
mav_setCmd(&msg, 1, 1, 511, 0, parameters); // msg, sysid, compid, msgid of the cmd, confirmation and parameters for the command long
msg.checksum = mav_calculateChecksum(&msg,msg.crcExtra);

HLog_Text(“Send”); HLog_NL();


Please help me i’m stuck with this…

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Duplicate topic:

Do not create multiple posts on the same topic, please.

i’m sorry but the problem is not solved and so i was thinking that putting every “important informations” or hints into one post is more efficient for people to understand the problem than reading 34+ replies with no solutions.