Gimbal controls not working - BCG 2 axis

Hi, I have a small issue with my gimbal configuration, I tried setting up my gimbal in aux 9 and 10. but it did not work, in fact, to whichever ServoX function I move my gimbal to (number 7/8 on the config page), that servo does not respond in the “servo output page” while the rest do. I tried moving around Mnt1 types, but none seem to work fine.

I also tried moving it to different RcX functions, but still no response. it does not work at all.
I hope I have put my problem clearly. I tried some fixes I read in other similar posts from the past, like clicking the switch, etc, but none seems to work.
What am I doing wrong? any suggestions as to what I could do about it? Thanks!

The parameters file: parameters1.param (17.4 KB)