Gimbal Controller alternatives?

Hello everyone,

for our application we want to create a custom gimbal. As our motors are running on 12S, we want to use 12S Voltages for the gimbal also. We would prefer not to develop the gimbal controller or the motor drivers.

Currently we have found the following gimbal drivers/systems

  • BaseCam SimpleBGC32 (no 12S support)
  • STorM32 BGC (no 12S support afaik; doesn’t seem to be available at any reliable supplier anymore)
  • Phobotic Centerpiece (Company seems defunct)

Does anyone know of any alternative?


I have extensively used alexmos, they are great gimbal controllers. I really doubt you will find something done for that voltage, gimbal motors are low rpm so they have low kV, If you raise voltage that much I can imagine the motor would shift its confort zone regarding rpm upwards, so maybe it messes up with the low rev torque, the one we want for gimbal motors.

Honestly I would put a nice power supply and lower the voltage to something an alexmos controller accepts. Storm32 gimbal controllers have great reputation as well, but I haven’t tested them personally.