Gimbal control with Joystick

I am having trouble trying to work out how to control the gimbal not using an RC transmitter but a joystick ‘hat’ 8 way switch that sits ontop of most joysticks.

Is there anyway to accomplish this?

You mean PC-joystick?
[color=#004000]Then your question should have been posted in the Mission Planner subforum because it’s not a Copter support question!

Thanks Stefan.

I am relatively new to all of this and have been trying to aim at going completely RC’less and using only MP but have run into a few troubles. Namely;

  1. Trying to control a camera gimbal without headtracking, as that requires the RC transmitter. I have been trying to use the hat button on the joystick but see no way to accomplish it

  2. Switching of other channels and Aux channels using joystick buttons (since they are momentary, the command would need to handle the output as a flipflop). I have found no way of doing this yet other than setting waypoints to change the state of a servo.

I am using the Iris which has a pixhawk, Mission Planner and a Dell XPS 12 tablet/laptop. Control using a joystick seems fine although with a small delay. Tablet/laptop only control would be fantastic and has a lot of potential although total control of the outputs similar to RC capabilities is required which as far as I have gotten so far does not seem to be the case. Hoping to be proved wrong…