Gimbal control via Mavlink2

I am having trouble getting my Gremsy to respond to mavlink commands. My command is going through however Gimbal is not responding, and the command that is direct to the Gimbal Device (not manager) does not accept units in degrees.

A lot of the commands regarding gimbal control state “WORK IN PROGRESS”, what does that mean exactly? Is it completely dysfunctional?


Hello, I want to know what version of the gimbal are you using, the firmware for it, and make sure the connection from the COM2 port to telemetry 2 is correct.
Please refer to the link for a detailed setup: Gremsy T3, T7, Pixy, Mio and ZIO 3-Axis Gimbals — Copter documentation

Also, to better support Gremsy products, please contact the gremsy support team via :

Hi Tan,

T3V3 with the latest firmware 7.7.1 - Official.
I have run through that tutorial a few times.
I am using command MAV_CMD_DO_GIMBAL_MANAGER_PITCHYAW (1000)

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You need to be using ArduCopter 4.3.2-rc1. Are you doing that?

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