Gimbal control lost wehn connecting droidplanner

Just got a stock Iris+ with Tarot 2D and everything has been working fine. Just started adding the droidplanner for verbal warnings and noticed that as soon as I hit “connect” with droidplanner, my Tarot tilt stops working. If I then disconnect droidplanner, my tilt still does not work, but if I hit connect one more time, my control comes back.


  1. Tilt is working
  2. connect droidplanner - Tilt stops working
  3. disconnect droidplanner - Tilt not working
  4. reconnect droidplanner - Tilt starts working
  5. disconnect droidplanner - Tilt remains working
  6. reconnect droidplanner - Tilt stops working
    and so on and so on…

Any suggestions?


This is a known issue with some tablets using Droid Planner.

I believe the latest release of Tower and 3DR services works correctly.


I found this problem too both of gimbal and retract landing but the problem start when use follow me mode.
and just try to use PPM encoder to connect ch1-6 to board and use ch7-8 direct to gimbal and retract