Gimbal control in different fligh modes

Hi all,

I have Hitec Aurora 9 - 9 channels, only 6 of them proportional and would like to control 3D gimbal and Sony camera (full HD, optical stabilisation, cheeper then GoPro Hero 3). I found a smart solution for shutter, zoom and photo sequention via reciever signal to Sony LANC interface. More interesting info here:
But it requires a bunch of proportional channels.
My idea of controling all the stuf is to use:
standard proportional CH1-4 for roll, pitch, yaw, throttle in stabilise mode
3 pole switch CH5 for flight modes (+ another 2pole switch for TX modes, e.g. [SW1off: SW2 -100,-60,-20], [SW1on - SW2 +20,+60,+100])
proportional CH6 for camera gimbal tilt
proportional CH7 for shutter control
There is no smart way to control camera pan, roll and zoom in this configuration. So in mission and loiter flight modes I would like to use throttle stick for zoom, pitch stick for camera tilt, roll stick for camera roll and yaw stick for camera pan.
I want to use other Aurora switches for TX modes, e.g. slow/quick servo motion for gimball.

Means something like this pseudo code:
if(flight mode is stabilise)
{input channels 1-4 influences outputs 1-4 (1-6 for hexa etc.)}
if(flight mode is loiter OR fligh mode is mission)
{outputs 1-8 fully autonomous according to gps, gyro, etc.
input channels 1-4 control outputs for gimball (9, 10, 11), but not ESCs on O1-8}

It is just to get the right point, I know, that I/O numbers are not correct etc.
Seems to not to be too difficult, without gimbal auto stabilisation.

Is there a way to configure arducopter like this?
Maybe someone else would like to use it same way? Hint for further software development, it should not be much difficult and would shift arducopter to next level :wink:

Thank you for any thoughts,

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I can’t quite follow exactly but I guess it’s almost the same idea I got a second ago while playing around with a gimbal and my DX6i.
I’ve set up the three front switches (all are 2 position only) ELEV D/R, FLAP/GYRO & AIL D/R to “emulate” a single CH5 with 4 positions. This works great for switching flight modes.

So I’ve only CH7 left, which is currently my GEAR switch top left.
After playing around with the current APM Planner and finding out that it is doing some crazy things/mistakes with my 3.1 (reverse sets the values to 2 instead of -1, …) I ended up playing around with the MNT values manually in the full parameters list.
So I found out that I needed to change MNT_MODE to 2 or 3.

But here is the problem:
With mode 2 and setting MNT_CONTROL_ values I can set it to some nice default angle and get nice stabilization on copter movement.
But I also wanted to change this “default” angle with the CH7 switch. So I needed to set mode to 3. But in this mode it ignores the MNT_CONTROL_ values and just switches between full tilt and zero tilt. Changing the on/off PWM travel positions in the DX6i for the CH7 switch had no effect, although I could watch the PWM values change in the radio calibration UI. The camera tilt still only went between full and zero…

So I had an idea. Why not use mode 2 and let CH7 only activate the ability to change MNT_CONTROL_ values? Like this:

CH7 off:
all normal, all control sticks act normally

CH7 on:

  • throttle controls zooming (in my case both not needed, but would be cool though)
  • using yaw stick changes MNT_CONTROL_Y
  • using tilt/roll sticks changes the MNT_CONTROL_Y and MNT_CONTROL_X
  • for sure you could require loiter mode or auto, but I think this would remove some nice possibilities with this setup

Hope it was ok to add this to the thread instead of creating another one. As far as I understand this may be the same idea at the end?


Hi DerFlash,

Thank you for your answer. This is exactly what I was looking for!

I know one year has passed, but I stumbled upon this thread while googling out the solution for my problem,
I wanted the same thing, but on different flight controller…

it is doable on Aurora itself,
so here are the settings for ‘advanced’ version where yaw input stick gets assigned to another one during ‘gimbal mode’, so you can still fly actively drone and move camera at the same time!
and in ‘normal mode’ u can still control camera gimbal with 2 sliders on TX.

in simpler ‘basic’ setting, with less P.Mixes involved,
you would loose throttle and yaw inputs, and gain gimbal ones…not have em all at your disposal,