Gimbal control from joystick

Hi all,
I am working on building out a gimbal system intended to be controlled (eventually) from a Samsung Galaxy phone with a custom controller case. In the meantime, for integration and system testing, I am attempting to use an XBox controller to maneuver the gimbal. In some older posts, I had seen that QGC had disabled some level of support for gimbal control through the joystick functionality due to Ardupilot’s lack of support for the newest MavLink Gimbal protocol/commands, but that was from over a year ago. I have found almost no information on this topic since, although gimbal control UI options are still absent. I am able to arm and disarm the bird as well as use the sticks to control the motors. In looking through the source code (, I can see that axes 5 and 6 - for this controller, the triggers of the controller - are mapped by default to the gimbal pan and gimbal tilt axes, but they do not appear to register presses. The gimbal in question is a Gremsy Pixy F, connected to a Pixhawk Cube Orange running the most stable recent Ardupilot ChibiOS build. It is entirely possible this is also parameter related, and I welcome any debug steps I should check here as the documentation for gimbal setup is rather sparse and decently old.

Use the maxproxy gimbal control module as inspiration, that piece of software is capable of controlling a pixy F Gimbal using a serial gimbal connection.