GForces were they are located?


Is it possible to display g forces on MP?
Also were i can found them if there exists on log files?

I want to use my apm board to read them in a aerobatic plane(real one)…
+6 to -3 will be adequate.

Thank you

MP displays the accel values on the status screen under

1000 = 1 g

Thank you for your fast reply!
That is perfect I can now see the g forces on HUD.
One more question please.
Is it possible to create tlog files from bin files?
I want to have just the APM pilot on the aircraft and be able afterwards to re-create my flight.Something like a logger.
I need the tlog because I want later to synchronise my video from the flight(using my gopro camera) on MP HUD.
More specific to use the MP HUD as an overly on my video afterwards…

Thank you again.

please look at control-f > osdvideo it does something like this, this only supports tlogs though