Getting Tarot T-3D to work SBUS

I am trying to use the T-3D gimbal on Pixhawk1. I am assuming that I can use SBUS since the gimbal has an SBUS connector. I used the gimbal software to set the radio mode to SBUS, the Tilt to channel 10 and the PAN to channel 11. In mission planner I set parameter BRD_SBUS_OUT to 1 (50Hz), on the gimbal page I set the Type to servo, the tilt to servo 10 Input RC10, and pan to servo 11 input RC11 and the angle limits according to gimbal documentation.

After rebooting the flight controller the gimbal initializes then immediately rotates 45 degrees and tilts downward. This does not happen if the SBUS is not connected, it will intialize and wait.

On radio calibration screen I do not see any movement on channels 10 or 11 event though they are mapped on my Tranis X9D+ to the left and right sliders.

any ideas what is going on here?

When you arm the copter does it then go to the right spot? I think whats happening is on copter when it boots up it goes to the low position for it. I have the same issue, once you arm it goes to the defaults set as per the servo output.

Good day, did you bound the receiver again coz if you have set only 1-8 channels cannot work properly, just check also the wiring and calibrate the radio again

Sort of, it took a little playing, once I hit the safety switch you could tell that activated the output to allow movement and I eventually got it to move the way I wanted it to.

After rebinding the receiver all of the channels were active. Not sure what happened the first time around.

after adding channels better rebind the rc and calibrate the rc so you are sure everything work properly.

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