Getting started with truly DIY rover hardware

I’m new to this forum and I’m not sure this is in the correct place, or if I
am stepping on a forbidden topic.

I have been working on my own, truly DIY, rover project for some time.
I am considering moving to the APM codebase, but I have a pretty
complete arduino-based controller running already.

It has the GPS, telemetry radio, and compass and works fine.
It navigates to waypoints and communicates telemetry using a completely
one-of-a-kind code base.

Is it possible to port the ardurover code to an Arduino Mega 2560 with
external compass, GPS, and radios or is it absolutely required that I
purchase an APM hardware set?

In other words, can I modify the Ardurover code for my own board?



Really, 20 days and not even a “yes” or “no” to my question.

To receive more exposure for you post I suggest that you become a member of the DIY Drones ArduRover User Group ( and post there.