Getting Started with ArduCopter code?

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Do you have any clue on how can i learn arducopter source code? I have went through diydrones, dev.ardupilot and also downloaded the source code but most of the terms used I’m not really familar in, is there anyway I can start reading from?

I would suggest starting here … -codebase/

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

There are some parts I do not understand, such as this … roduction/

There are boxes that shows some command “Make apm2 -octo j8” where do I type this command? GitBash? and some of example sketch i could not compile…

Billy, I have followed the steps on … o-windows/ even compiled and verified and uploaded to my apm. However When i try to connect to mission planner, it does not connect i.e No Heartbeat received, do you know the reason why?

If i upload the firmware from Mission Planner, the APM can connect

Connect using a terminal program and see what output comes from the serial port from the APM. You should see a booting APM message etc if your build was successful.

You can also load an Arduino sketch to send data back on the serial port to test if your tools are building correctly using the Arduino serial monitor

I don’t use Windows for building code so,I’m not the best person to advise on specific windows issues.


Nothing comes out from the terminal port with the Arducopter code. I have tested with sample sketch such as AP_Baro and there are readings and output from the terminal itself

I have tried some already,, which is Arducopter V3.1.5 this can work fully in terms of uploading and connecting to Mission Planner.

However the later version such as 3.2 and 3.3 are the version which are not able to connect to mission planner. and I wanted to use them as the codes are more tidy as compared to V3.1.5 in terms of the Control Modes codes

Is it possible to edit the code so that in Altitude Hold or any other modes (except land) so that I can use the RC sticks [Roll, Yaw, Pitch] only with the Throttle stick?

And I know that For Waypoint setting we require a GPS that in order for the Quadcopter to react to a command. Can I create a fake GPS so that the Quad can perform functions like Take off & Landing