Getting Params 1 in Mission Planner Takes Forever?

I have Mission Planner (downloaded today) on a laptop ground station. Seems everything is working (connection radio-to-radio) BUT…after I connect, Mission Planner automatically goes into this “Getting Params 1” mode. Seems to be taking forever. Is this normal? Only option I have is to cancel this process or let it run hours on end. Not certain thats a good idea either. Any assistance would be helpful. If I remove the software and download again, will that resolve? Unsure with this and could use advice. Mark

Are you using a USB for the connection? If yes, it should not take more than 10 to 30 seconds to connect and download parameters. Make sure you have selected the correct COM port, speed is set to 115200, your cable is good, and try another USB port on the computer.

whittonm: Thanks for your reply…sorry for my late response. Had several issues going on but primarily USB cable. Got a new one and all is well. Mark