“Getting Params 1” ? Forever in MP

I am able to cnnect my DJI Matrices 100 Quadcopter to Mission planner (version 1.3.586) through UDP connection.

But after I connected to Mission Planner, there is a pop-up windows shows that “Getting Params 1” mode. The pop-up windows is always shows up without any progress forever. Looks Like it cannot be able to retrieve the parameters.
Only option I have is to cancel this process or let it run hours on end. After cancel the “Getting Params” pop-up windows, there is another pop-up windows say “Home position is not updated”.

What are parameter needs to send from Quadcopter to Mission planner ?

Can anyone help me to what are minimum paremeters are expecting by Mission planner? is there any example available for sending these parameters from Quadcopter to Mission planner ?

Appreciated your support!