"Getting Parameters" stuck on non-existant aircraft

I’m using MP 1.3.46 stable release to connect to a copter with a SYSID_THISMAV of 13.
Every time I connect to MP the pop-up window gets stuck on “Getting Params 12”. I have to click on cancel, then I get an additional window that says, “Getting Params 13” which will complete on its own, but the params do not populate.
Sometimes it will attempt to get params for 13 first, then I can cancel 12, then it works and the params populate.
I see an extra aircraft called “GENERIC-12” on the same com port. Why is it there, how do I get rid of it?

the better question is what do you have attached to your autopilot?

something is sending a heartbeat to MP.
ie OSD/Gimbal/other?

MinimOSD with Night-Ghost firmware. I upgraded to a newer version, and to the latest stable Copter and the problem went away. I’ll assume it was the OSD firmware which is still quite buggy.
Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.