Getting messages to MP from a SITL

I am using this program to send simulated messages from a SITL to MP, but not seeing the messages anywhere. MP is on Windows and the SITL is in a Virtualbox Windows host / Ubuntu guest. I’m running other ‘companion’ python code w/o issue using this same configuration.

Any suggestions is appreciated!

Hope @Mustafa_Gokce might also help.

I tested this on Linux, (running Mission Planner with MONO) and I can see the messages.

Do you have the latest MP?
I don’t know which MP you have.
Maybe you can try raising the severity level, let’s say to MAV_SEVERITY_ERROR.

Hello @Mustafa_Gokce

Apologies for the delayed response. I have the latest version MP. I changed the level to ERROR but no luck. I must not understand the process for doing this.
I start my SITL copter with something like

Then start MP via UDP/14560, and it connects.

Then start

But I do not see the message, ie, ‘Roll a dice’.