Getting message Prearm inconsistent compasses

I’ve been working with Mission planner and a pixhawk for a while now on my F550 hex. I’m really liking it, but there are a few small things I’ve been having trouble with.

I recently added a cable to attach the compass in my ublox gps module v2.0. In mission planner, I choose the Pixhawk/PX4 option and hit live calibration. I calibrate the compasses by pointing the hexa north, rotating around the pitch slowly, then pointing east and rotating the hexa on the roll axis. Half the time mission planner ends the calibration halfway through the first roll. Sometimes I’m able to fully complete two rolls before the calibration ends.

When the compass calibration completes, I get the message “Prearm inconsistent compasses.” I’ve been able to resolve this by selecting ROTATION_ROLL_180 even though this page shows I don’t have to do that.

I tried to do a loiter this morning and am getting a toilet bowl oscillation so it’s pretty obvious I’m doing something wrong. Before I abandon the external compass I thought I’d try posting on here.

Any comments or advise will be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

Try updating your version of mission planner.

I do the Live calibration under Initial Setup - Mandatory Hardware, select Pixhawk.

I set mine in a revolving office chair and do all six axis, several spins each.

I’m currently using MP 1.3.13. I don’t recall MP sopping the calibration early before… maybe I should try an earlier version.

I also tried the calibration using Droidplanner, but it would only get to 42/100 and would never complete.

I tried the calibration again with MP 1.3.13. It stopped early again, but it did get rid of the fishbowl. I can tell the loiter isn’t as good as it was before adding the external compass though.

Same thing’s happening in 1.3.14. I’m going to try 1.3.15. I haven’t tried going to an older version yet.

Auto complete is clearly not marked, but I only have a few seconds to do the compass calibration.

I just did a compass cal with 1.3.15 with auto complete turned off and it worked just fine.

What I do for solve this issue. Very simple solution.
In MP “Full Parameter List” find following:


By default set 1

Just change to


In my case problem gone away.

My configuration you cam see