Getting Message Prearm: Check mag field

So I am totally new to this forum. I have a HK Megapilot controller. I am using a Frsky Taranus transmitter and a Frysky PPM receiver. I am using this on a quad copter. I have downloaded AP Planner 2.014, I have flashed the firmware on the controller, I am communicating with it, I have calibrated my mag compass and accelerometer successfully, I have calibrated my ESC’s. I cannot get the controller to arm. It first says “Prearm: Check mag field” Then it will say “Prearm: Ins not healthy” I am stumped! Any help would be appreciated. I am not sure how to get a copy of the parameters out of this software either. Thanks!!

Have you considered the fact that your HK Megapilot controller may be defective?

I actually have learned more on this topic tonight. The latest itineration of ardupilot goes through a prearm check. What that meant was that I had to recalibrate the mag compass. I did that and that message went away. Now it is telling me Prearm: INS not healthy. That is the accelerometer. I will try to recalibrate that tomorrow.

tenia problemas con el compass , entonces he procedido a calibrar y la orientación se corrigió sin embargo cuanto procedimos elevar el quadplane se puso inestable , presumimos que es por que no calibramos el acelerometro y el giroscopo, ya que anteriormente se puso un iman exterco a 10 centimetros del imu y compass externo