Getting Internal Error 0x400000

Upon startup, MP read DISARMED Failsafe with the internal error 0x400000. We suspected it was a terrain data issue, so renewed the terrain data, but then were shown an error 0x20400000. Eventually we swapped out the Cube Orange with a different Cube, and the issue resolved. We kept Arduplane 4.1.

Anyone have any ideas as to what went wrong with the cube or if it was a 4.2 issue?

I would load Rover or Copter firmware, then reload Plane firmware and do the basic calibrations to see if that fixes it. Even reformat the SD Card.
Otherwise it could be a hardware fault and the Cube would need replacing.

Log file?

That one looks like “bad_rotation” do you have a compass rotation set or some other rotation?

BTW. Since the inclusion of the crash_log dump to sdcard. Recommending folks immediately discard everything on the SD card or flash different firmware first could lose valuable information. If they had a watchdog reset for example then the log will be deleted.

To reset parameters just change FORMAT_VERSION 0