Getting data from mission planner with Python

Hello, how can I get gps data from gcs with a python file while mission planner is running on the computer.

You should use pymavlink to parse the data and check this post (Question about ardupilot capabilities: can I use it just to get data out using MAVLink?) that is all I have for now. And by the way would you mind if I ask you that if you are attending any Teknofest events ?

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Mission Planner has IRON PYTHON inside.
Mission Planner is able to run PYTHON scripts.
Mission Planner can get GPS data from telemetry.

Example of a Mission Planer script:


Thanks for your help, I tried both methods. Since two different programs cannot connect to the same port on the same computer, I cannot connect to this port with mavlink while the mission planner is running. Also, I don’t want to run it through the mission planner, this code should always run in the background by itself, it will run without any additional intervention.
Yes, SouSageYa ,I have participated in Teknofest before.

Install MavProxy, create a routed mavlink port for your script.

Anyone please provide the python code such that i can retrieve the NetID of any module (whether it is HMTRp telemetry module, RFD 900 module, etc…)that is connected to the ground station and also I need to change the NetID of the module through Python Code only