Getting CH7 features using 6 CH Spektrum Transmitter?

I am currently using Arducopter 3.5.1 with a quadrotor. I have a Dx6 Spektrum transmitter and
Spektrum Quad Race Serial Receiver. Because I only have 6 channels I am trying to utilize channel 6 as a switch to change into the brake flight mode. Although I know this property is easily set to channel 7 and 8 under extended tuning in Mission Planner, ch 6 appears to be limited to different set of tuning options. Because I am using a Spektrum serial receiver I do not have the option of switching the ch 6 and ch 7 PWM wire as had been previously suggested. Is there a way to change the settings in Mission Planner to treat the ch 6 input from the transmitter as a ch 7 or is there any easy way to apply the same options commonly applied to ch 7 or ch 8 to ch 6?

I really hate to say this, but you’re stuck, and the only “out” I can see for you is buying a transmitter that has more than 6 channels.

If you stay with Spektrum, a DX8 will set you back at least $300.00 and a DX9 is $400.00+.

So, if I were in your shoes I’d seriously consider a Taranis. The new QX7 starts at just over $100.00. You’ll need a battery, a charger, and a receiver. A Taranis Plus is $189 with battery and charger. For the receiver, I like the X8R, and if you want full telemetry you can add Craft & Theory Flight Deck.

To get more info on Taranis talk to the folks at Aloft Hobbies. They are the US distributor for FrSky, they fly what they sell, and they have excellent customer service.

Thank you for the response! I will continue to look at the possibility of getting another transmitter. Does anyone know if Mission Planner will have the capability to program channel 6 easily in the near future for arducopter?