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Getting ArduPilot compatbile hardware in India

The purpose of this thread is for suggestions on buying hardware for an ArduPilot based quadcopter with parts sourced from India. I am currently looking at upgrading my F450 based quadcopter with a Pixhawk PX4 and its corresponding accessories.

I’ve scoured, REES52, Protocentral, RCBazaar, RCDhamaka, and but I feel like a lot of things are either out of stock or much higher than the US prices (particularly with the Taranis transmitter/receiver, which is double the price due to customs). How can I source the following parts locally at a good price?

Parts list

Buy from Aliexpress. Contact seller by messages! mark it as Parts & Accessories. Never buy a transmitter (WPC)…it won’t reach you.
Buying from the above sellers, will cost you a B…?
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UI & Googlehandwriting.
But GOOGLE is ur frnd.

Just be aware that AliExpress merchants will only refund 50% of purchase price if item is not as described or defective and you keep it (minus a PayPal fee if international) . . . just don’t shop at there Banria Store as it is the only storefront that I have had problems with . . . also, they will not pay return shipping if you want full refund . . . DON’T SHOP BANRIA STORE

Radios you will have to make do with whatever you are getting in India otherwise you’ll have problems with the customs. The Q X7 goes around for Rs 11,000 if you’re looking for it online. Otherwise you’ll have to look for it locally at some flying field or a hobby store.

The flight controllers you get here in India are a bit dicey and I have had mixed performance with them since all of them are clones (at that price range) and the quality control on those are iffy at best. However they do tend to work most of the time, if you’re willing to overlook the reliability concerns. You could ask friends or family coming from abroad, or take a chance and order from banggood, aliexpress or goodluckbuy, and you are willing to wait for a good while and also customs doesn’t gobble up your package.

You could try this:
However prices would be similar.

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