Get Videostream out of H16 Pro?

I can use Mission Control on my PC using the setup in the picture. I just connect Mission Control to the IP of the H16pro. But I can not get video stream running. On the H16 android app I can use the QGroundControl app and just enter: rtsp:// I see the video stream.

But what to enter in mission control? Obviously I can’t use the because it’s not on the same device.

I have found the issue:

The Videostream should be available under rtsp://IP-Address:8554/fpv_stream

But the port 8554 is only open when Wi-Fi hotspot is activated
So I have to activate Wi-Fi hotspot to make the ethernet cable connection work?

@cuav_le can you look into this:

  1. Portable Wi-Fi hotspot is not active:
  • 8554 video stream port not available in ethernet tethering (ethernet cable between PC and remote)
  1. Portable Wi-Fi hotspot is active:
  • 8554 video stream port is available in ethernet tethering