Hello to everyone, i want to use the “get_time_flying_ms()” binding to a script.
However the returned value is uint32_t, i understand that i have to convert to float in order to use it.
I tried to use the “uint32_t_tofloat” but i get nil value, i also tried with “follow:get_last_update_ms()” but i had the same error message.
Is there any example how to use “uint32_t_tofloat”, or if there is another way to do it?
Thank’s in advance!

Have you tried this syntax?: get_time_flying_ms():tofloat()

The colon shown above is the correct syntax to return a Lua number type. You can also use :toint() if you intend to do integer operations.

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I am sorry for the delay, thank you very much for your replies!