Get started using APM with Hubsan or toy multi copter


How can I get started with installing/using APM with Hubsan x4 or other toy multi copters ?

Any links/tutorials/videos would really help.


You’re kidding, right?
Doubt very very much if you can, and why would you want to?

Weight and size and electrics are against you.

The apm is about the same size as the hubsan - how would you mount it?
Where would you put the gps, module?
You will need to find some way of getting 5v to power the apm
You will need to re-wire the escs/motors to the apm
You will need to work out the rx wiring and hook it up to the apm.
The hubsan controller will not give you any flight modes

And if you overcame that lot the increase weight will reduce flight time (assuming it will get off the ground at all with the weight increase)

And a whole bunch of other things.

Nope, the more I think about it, it’s not going to work and a total and utter waste of time trying IMO