Get latitude and longitude

Hello, my name is Johann, I have a question, ¿How can I in Mavproxy get the latitude and longitude of a quadcopter?

Thank you very much.

There’s not currently any command to do that. You’d have to write a custom module.

Something similar to the antenna pointing module would work:

Otherwise, you could just click on the UAV on the map view and get the longitude/latitude, if you’re just looking for a quick solution.

I do not know … go to dyi-drone of arduo-copter forums and they can help
you! Good luck!

Alt on the cmd line after the mavproxy is up and running.

I am so sorry, I don’t know. I was looking for an older version of Mission Planner. My APM 2.5 is not working with the latset version. I am only flying with gliders
Gr. Han.

Hello, here the solution in mavproxy, I add the next code:

lat = master.field(‘GLOBAL_POSITION_INT’, ‘lat’, 0) * 1.0e-7
lng = master.field(‘GLOBAL_POSITION_INT’, ‘lon’, 0) * 1.0e-7

Thank you.