Get flight data from MissionPlanner

I need an API or another interface to collect flight data (position and speed) from an ArduCopter and send it to another (Web) application.
At the moment I found three possible solutions:

  • Build own version of MissionPlanner and intergrade an API (probably overkill)
  • Use the Python Scripting capability of MP (I think this method is outdated since I cloud not find many resources about it and it uses Python 2.7)
  • Using a MAVLink Repeater (I dont have any experience with this and do not now where to start)

Is there another solution for my problem, or can anyone provide a best practice or some advice which solution I should use? Personally I would prefer the Python Scripting solution since I am experienced in Python and C#.

Thank you in advance

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when MissionPlanner is running and connected, you can get basic flight data in json at http://localhost:56781/mavlink/

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That’s an even simpler solution, haven’t heard about it earlier.
Thank you very much.