Get data from pixhawk

how can i get real time data from pixhawk without using any module?

plug in a usb cable.

thanks for reply, but my main question is, we want to get data from pixhawk(and pixhawk will be in the sky with drone) and pull data to ground station. but how can i do this without using module? is there any system for this?

It is really unclear what you are asking. Please explain what you want to achieve.

a pixhawk wifi adapter is probably the cheapest way to get decent telemetry speed and range.

What do you consider a “module”? Obviously you need a telemetry method to send data from the craft to the ground station. Telemetry radios (433/915 Mhz), Wifi, Bluetooth, etc. If you want the data on the RC Transmitter you can achieve that thru the RC system with a few different protocols.

you need something that does mavlink like wifi,telemetry radios etc if you want to use mission planner to monitor it in real time, if your just wanting to monitor it on your controller then you should look at something like this: