Get current sysid and compid

I created a little plugin for MP, that basically creates a mission and uploads it to AP and two questions popped up:

From MissionPlanner/ExtLibs/ArduPilot/Mavlink/MAVLinkInterface.cs

  1. There are many functions, that are labeled as [obsolete], which don´t require you to pass the current sysid and compid to the function. Why the obsolecence and what is the benefit in passing those two variables if only a single aircraft is used?
  2. How should you actually get the current sysid and compid from a connected aircraft? I have found, that these both work (at least in SITL), when passing them to mavlink functions: (byte)MainV2.comPort.sysidcurrent and MainV2.comPort.MAV.sysid
    Are they the same?

the obsolete functions made assuptions about the connected sysid/compid, that where not always correct. also this better deals with multi mav scenarios

all commands are designed to be addressed to once specific vehicle, and yes sysidcurrent and sysid are the same in most scenarios.