Get C-RTK 2 PPK Module for Free

Hello everyone, I’m Ricky from CUAV. Recently, we released a new PPK mapping product, and we launched an event: C- RTK 2 experience plan .You will have the opportunity to get a free C- RTK 2. If you are interested in it, click here to learn more.

Now, allow me to briefly introduce it. C- RTK 2 is a PPK module compatible with our APM open-source ecosystem, which is built by CUAV for professional application fields such as UAV aerial survey. It adopts multi-star and multi-frequency satellite receiver, and supports PPK and RTK ; small size and light weight, with industrial grade IMU, supports shutter trigger and hotshoe synchronization; And it adopts CAN communication protocol, click here to learn more about it.

Thanks for your attention.


Good day, you are asking to apply for free but after this you are asking for the 50% of the value… there is no sense about it

Ignore them, it is a blog scam.

It’s just a deposit, and to make sure we get a photo/video feedback from the applicant, we’ll give it back to applicant

Do you have some experience with rovers? Just finishing one and want to put rtk in the future, I follow the experiences

If you want to know more about C-RTK2
c-rtk2 docs

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What kind of wanderer do you have?

I have a 45 kgs modified electric quadrycycle with long range capability for farming aplications

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So how do I need to do the ppk solution?

You can use C-RTK2 or c-rtk 9p, just connect it with autopilot.

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Hello @CUAV-Ricky @cuav_le ,
I am interested with your product and will do some test for our new project… I need 2 C-RTK 2, one for air unit and one for Base station. Any recommended antenna to use for the base station?
I am serious, and I am ready to pay, but give me 50% off , and we can do some real test and review. Please PM me…