Get arm/disarm info from .bin/.tlog files

I am trying to programmatically split log files based on when the vehicle was armed and disarmed. I realize that there is a parameter that can be turned on to force new log files to be created when arming and to close the current file when disarming, but I have a few large logs from before I saw this parameter that I would like to analyze without having to do it manually. Are there certain messages in the binary logs that I can look for?


We do log an ARM message it seems. It may also be possible by looking for jumps in the TimeUS column of any message.

You can check the heartbeat message in tlogs for the arm bit

.bin files you can check the the ARM message.

Thanks for the help. I’m not sure how I missed the ARM messages in the .bin logs… That should make my life quite a bit easier

@peterbarker I think we actually have a bug with the logging of the ARM message. We always write the message before we change the “soft armed” state and I suspect it’s this state that we use within the logging library when deciding whether to log or not (we don’t log while disarmed by default).

In a quick test I only see the ARM message for disarming.

I’ve created an issue here.