GEOTIFF elevation not working since update?

My MP updated the other day and now I no longer seem to be able to use imported GEOTIFF maps.

In the PLAN page, if you had a tiff for the area saved in the Program Data > Mission Planner > srtm folder then the loaded elevation would change from SRTM to GEOTIFF (GEO?) when your mouse was hovered over the area.

Does anybody have any ideas why?


what version are you using?

Mission Planner 1.3.75 build 1.3.7883.26333

any chance you can share the tiff you are using?

Will do! (if I can work out how to attach it :smile:)

Tomingley DEM5

I’ve attached a link to one of my Geotiffs that should work.
These are always created using 1 or 5m LIDAR data from the Australian Government geospatial service. They are then re-projected in QGIS3 to the correct format. We have to be pretty precise for what we are doing.

FYI, I just rolled back to 1.3.74 and the problem is gone. I’m guessing it is something to do with the latest update…

could you check the latest beta MP

goto help > click update beta

Done. Just updated to the Beta build 1.3.7892.20677 and the issue is resolved. Seeing GeoTiff data again in the PLAN screen.
Is this Beta stable enough to test in the field? I’m supposed to depart for a mission tomorrow and wondering if I need to roll back to 1.3.74 again.
MP is only a backup GCS running on a Herelink wifi connection for this aircraft so not that critical.


I have the same problem. Worked with previous versions, but not with the new update (1.3.75).

If I open the DEM page, I also get this error:

edit. with the Beta it works again.

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