Geotaging problem in mission planer

i get the warning when i want to do geotaging photo in mission planner. the warning is "Using AMSL Altitude True
Reading log for GPS Messages in order to get AMSL Altitude
Log Read for GPS Messages
Log locations : 19351
Reading log for CAM Messages
Log Read with - 438 - CAM Messages found
Read images
Images read : 1006
CAM Msgs and Files discrepancy. Check it! files: 1006 vs CAM msg: 438. can anyone give suggestion?

I think the message is self explanatory. Your mission triggered your camera 438 times to take a picture, but your photo folder has 1006 images.

Some usual reasons:

  1. You selected the wrong log
  2. You selected the wrong image folder or
  3. You copied a folder along with older images
  4. Your camera is in some bracketing mode and takes bursts in every click or you save raw and jpg(most probably not the case since you would have 2x or 3x the number of messages)
  5. You simply don’t use trigger and you take photos by interval, so cam msges are useless, try sync with time.