Geotagging v1.3.39.1

The file size is almost double when using v1.3.39.1 vs 1.3.39.

Why does that occur?


i was trying to prevent quality loss.

How? The original image is 4MB and after the tag it’s now 8MB.

What are you doing to to the image?


they are loaded, tagged, and saved with jpeg quality set at 100

Forgive me for not being a dev and having such silly questions.

Adding long/lat/elev data to the exif is all that is needed with tagging, no? Are jpg images compressed images? How or what sw is being used to “enhance” the image beyond what the camera is doing?

@Michael_Oborne, no further comment?

jpg images are compressed, during the adding of the metadata, the whole image has to be read, and written back to disk. this is just a side effect.

I will stick to 1.3.39 until this is fixed. Adding Long/Lat/Elev and doubling the size is an undesirable side effect, more likely a bug, since this has occurred with and was not the case in previous revisions.

Will log a bug.

latest beta has switched back.

Thanks for the info and update.

I appreciate what you were trying to do Michael; it is a tricky trade off between those who are happy using lossy image file formats for a space efficient solution versus those who want to retain a much quality as possible in their image data. I appreciate complexity is something to avoid, but would it perhaps be possible to add an option for selecting the desired output format and level of compression in the geotag tool? I would love to be able to geotag TIFF images with this function - but currently I have to use more convoluted work flows to achieve this.

Best wishes, Andy

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what program are you using to read and process the tiffs. mp does output a list of image names and lat/lng/alt’s for all images in a separate file. and a lot fo applications can read this in


I wasn’t aware MP had that functionality, thanks for the tip.
BW, Andy