Geotagging photos with GPS RTK multirotor - cm level accuracy possible?

1.So I have multirotor with pixhawk 2.1 black Cube (3.5.7), Here 2 GPS and Here+ GPS RTK and I would like to use it for geotagging photos in MissionPlanner. I would like to have cm level accuracy of geotagged photos but it seems that it’s not possible now ???

2.My camera is connected to pixhawk by hotshoe and I get CAM messages saved to the log. I set GPS offset:
so the measurements will be taken from the place of pixhawk 2.1 (cube) ?

3.Is there camera offset setting in arducopter 3.6 implemented or not ?

So if I have camera mounted on brushless gimbal in different place than cube I have to do corrections to the log manually ? Anyone knows how ? Just for example -10 cm from GPSalt ?

  1. Do I have to change anything in GPS parameters of saved log ? I found somewhere that log should be save with 10Hz ? Should I change “GPS_RATE_MS” to 10 Hz so 50 ms to have better accuracy?

5.During mission everything is working. I can get fix position with HERE+. For now I tried 0,5m “SurveyIn Acc”
Later I will wait for better accuracy. Is there anyone who gets +/-15 cm surveyIn acc and final photos accuracy ??

6.In Mission Planner (1.3.63) during geotagging with CAM messages I get info that AMSL altitude not found, but I get GPS altitude in the location.csv file so everything is working ? Where can I get updated, detailed info about geotagging photos in mission planner. I found only outdated movies on youtube and this:
I would like to get more info about what is the difference between “use GPSAlt” function and “use AMSL Alt”. What is 'Dir fov", “Rotation and Cross fov” “Shutter lag (ms)” ?? When I should use “Rel Alt base” Is that measured in place of takeoff of the copter ? What option Use GPS2 do ?

It look like there is hardware for quite accurate 10-25 cm level geotagging aerial photos but software is not ready ? Or maybe I just can’t find documentation about MissionPlanner ? Any succesful experience with HERE+ and geotagging photos ?

Short answer:
At the moment Here+ does not do this job.
(Others with the same Hardware can do it.)

Please have a look at: