Geotagging - missing trigger events in log file

Is it possible to collect 47 images, triggered by Pixhawk AC3.5.2 and not have ANY trigger events in the log file? Is there another setting to turn logging on for camera trigger events?

Link to .bin file.

Thanks in advance!

We found that in 3.5 if you use the default log bitmask it will not record the Cam messages. We have had to change ours to a bitmask like Nearly All to get the Cam trigger logs

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Lovely. What did you set the bitmask to? Currently set at 131071.


Any thoughts?

LOL - we havent really worked them out but we have set our machines to 45054 (Nearly All) although sometimes when you read it back it will give a random entry such as 176126 - which is not listed. We arent developers and are not in a position to question, but its kind of strange how random the bitmask numbers relate to each other.

131071 should have done it though…