Geotagging in MissionPlanner - more current info needed

Hi I am using hotshoe in camera to connect to pixhawk 2.1 (cube). Everything flying on 13kg weight multirotor and I get CAM messages in the log.

In Mission Planner (1.3.63) during geotagging (CTRL+F) with CAM messages I get info that AMSL altitude not found, but I get GPS altitude in the location.csv file so everything is working correctly it just bed message?

Where can I get updated, detailed info about geotagging photos in mission planner. I found only outdated movies on youtube and this:

I would like to get more info about what is the difference between “use GPSAlt” function and “use AMSL Alt”. What is 'Dir fov", “Rotation and Cross fov” “Shutter lag (ms)” ?? When I should use “Rel Alt base” Is that measured in place of takeoff of the copter ? What option “Use GPS2” do ?