Geotagging Images with Mission Planner, No date time in the photo

Im using the latest mission planner 1.3.50 and i want add georeference to my photo, but i get this message all the time:
“Picture XX with Date Time: 0001:01:01 00:00:00”.

I am using a gitup git2p camera and I set the correct date and time.
I tried with another camera and older version of mission planner and there is the same error.

I’ve installed previous version 1.3.49 and now everythng is fine.

my guess is there is something wrong with the image itself.

I’m having the same issue.
Used a Gitup and Gopro camera. DateTime infos are correct in the JPG.No idea why Missionplanner can’t read it - I don’t think it’s a image issue because every other Exif tool can read the DateTime stamp.

I am having a similar issue. Does anyone have a solution? Where does Mission Planner read the date time from?

please try latest beta MP. there was a bug regarding this

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