Geotagging broken 1.3.31?

I did two updated between my previous mission: Once was the latest update to 1.3.31 the other was upgrading my workstation from Win8.1 to Win10. One of the 2 broke the geotagging tool.
Without enabling ‘use cam messages’, the estimate time offset is not calculating correctly:

It gives me a GPS time like this:
“1 GPS Log Msg: 1980:02:23 23:59:45” for all the GPS time stamps, despite the time stamps clearly increasing i the log.

When I then enable ‘use cam messages’, I get this python error:

I ran the same images and log on my wifes laptop (win8.1, mission planner 1.3.28) and everything works fine there.

Log file can be found here: … 16_log.BIN (40mb)

First picture in sequence can be found here: … G_1884.JPG


Oops, bug report here: