Geotagging and GoPro pictures

Hello community !

I would very like to have geotagged pictures to import these back into Agisoft Photoscan.
My setup is a 3DR IRIS with a gopro Hero3 Black+camera. The issue with the GoPro Hero3 is that there are no cabled remotes available that you could use to connect to the Pixhawk to the GoPro have it trigger pictures ((at least without opening/soldering into the GoPro which I do not wish to do for warranty reasons).

The idea would be to set the GoPro in autoshoot (like 1 picture every 2 seconds), and before take off try to manually synchronize as much both the 3DR IRIS’s clock (I assume based on the GPS) and the GoPro’s, then use this MP Geotagging feature to update the pictures with the right GPS EXIF data.

Is this something that could work, or for the geotagging feature do you per se need to have a camera which is triggered with the APM or Pixhawk ?


I get pretty horrid results with a GoPro and Agisoft rather use a Canon IXUS and CHDK even perhaps one of the Canons with a GPS.

Good to know… If have an “old” Canon IXUS and a friend quite good at electronics. I will ask him if he could strip down the IXUS, ie remove all that is not necessary (lcd screen, metal case, etc) so to put it in a smaller and lighter box. I saw him do this with one of his old pocket camera as well.