Geo-Fencing help needed


I am currently using Mission Planner(1.3.5 version) and flight gear(2.10 version). Also, I am using the Ardupilot as my choice of autopilot, and in flight gear I am using the sig rascal 110. My issue is not setting up the Geo-Fence, it is getting the plane to fly to the boundaries and realize that it has broke the fence boundaries. Right now, when I fly the plane, it thinks it has hit the geo-fence boundaries way before I hit them. Can anyone tell me if this is a HIL firmware issue, or is there a different combination of flight gear and mission planner that function well together? Or if a different version of mission planer will work?


Why are you using Mission Planner 1.3.5 when the latest stable version is 1.3.30?


So far that is the only version of mission planner I can get to function with flight gear 2.10.