Geo Fencing for Rover?

Grant, Any update on the geo fence for rover capabilities? Ideally it would allow for a polygon geo fence. I think the obstacle detection/avoidance feature would be very useful as well.

Grant Morphett said:
A sonar on the front (or 2) will enable the vehicle to detect the object and it will make a decision regarding going left or right around it. However, it wasn’t designed for large vehicles with slow turn rates and the effect range of the sonar (7m to 10m) probably isn’t far enough for your purposes. We would need to test.
The other alternative is LiDAR which goes much farther but again you would need to test.
At the moment there is no way to specify an object in the driving area and tell the Rover to avoid it. Rover doesn’t currently support geo-fence’s but its on my list.
Thanks, Grant.

Yep its still on my list Colin. But the functionality I’m getting paid to develop is higher up on the list :slight_smile:

Thanks, Grant.