Geo fence

I am using MP1.2.53 and 2.9.1b firmware. The geofence box cannot be checked. Ditto using MP1.2.90.
I have MP functionality in MP1.2.90 ie artificial horizon, live compass etc, but not MP1.2.53.
Accelerometer calibration is possible in 1.2.53 but not 1.2.90…

Any ideas??

upgrade to AC 3.1.3

I have tried 3.1.3…
Because I am not using the latest APM2.6, my quad became completely uncontrollable- jittery and unpredictable. I had one flyaway: as I armed, all motors accelerated to max, and I had no control. Luckily it hit the geofence at 100m. So I am sticking with 2.9.1b… But now I have no geofence.
In addition, the accelerometer calibration doesn’t work. In fact, at the moment, accel calibration can ONLY be done in 1.2.53 (not in 1.2.90, and not in 3.1.3)

you will have to remain using the old MP then.

…but I have no functionality, as described earlier