Genuine Pixracer in Europe?

Someone know if it`s a shop in Europe that sell genuine Pixracers?
I saw someones offering from China but I hope aren’t genuine?

One of the board designers ( is from Europe and I think he sends the orders to European destinations - you should contact them to make sure though.

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Cala, Nick Arsov, in Europe, is the creator of Pixracer. I will pm you his email.

Is anyone familiar with a device "PixPilot " here ? I thought I bought a Pixhawk autopilot from Hobbypower on amazon, but received an incomplete package (had to order 3dr extra) from china, the product labeled “Pixpilot” instead “pixhawk”, and I have plenty of trouble getting the firmware deployed, following misc instructions on the web (I tried the latest version of Mission planner as well as Mission 1.3.47)- ending up with Error uploading firmware. My serial connection seems ok (have on com3 )

Try again, I have to insist tree or four times after have success with a pixracer. Ensure that you can connect first, then disconnect, and them try to upload again, if you can,t connect with the correct port, perhaps a failure board.

Thanks cala2- somehow it worked out. I hestitated to connect after I got the errors on the firmware update, but when I just did connect as of pure curiosity, suddenly the (in my case a heli-) platform config appeared in the box below connectivity settings (COM/baudrate…), and the PX4 sensors started showing life results in the numerical data panel, and this is still the case after I upgraded to the latest MP version. So-it looks the data link is working. Will now try to get the ESC’s calibrated / motors running from PX4.

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little update: my problems around updating firmware were related to the fact that I did have the 3dr power module connected. Once disconnected there are no problems to burn the FW.

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At the end of this, I can contact Jordi Muñoz from mrobotics and with His big patience, He solve my issues to buy in USA and I can buy there. Thank’s Jordi :smiley: . now waiting anxiously to recive it :slight_smile: .

Buying from Jordi in the USA has the advantage to get a regular invoice while buying from Nick Arsov you will not get any valid invoice .

Nick makes an invoice but you have to explicitly ask him for one. Advantage of buying at Arsov is that it supports the ardupilot community. But if you really need a pixhawk1 with 8 servo outputs, you have no choice than to buy elsewhere as pixracer only has got 6 outputs (will not work for an octo).

Well , I bought the Pixracer in USA paying in USD asking for invoice and I received the items from Hungary without any invoice. Twice.

I discover that mrobotics is selling the pix 1 with rev3, I just bought an old chinesse one. Buaa!!!
The pix2 is too big for my build.

did you ask Nick directly ? Being in Europe, you’d avoid VAT too.

That’s what I’m saying since the beginning, the Cube design is way too bulky, but I’d better shut up or I’m going to attract fire again on my head for daring giving an opinion on Pixhawk2.1.

For bigger builds looks nice but I have many difficults to fit the pix 1 in my cuadplane, p2 impossible, the wings tube and batteries at cg doesnt give me enought space, the best is to have different boards design with different functions and prices for different uses all supporting devs.

The AUAV X2 looks nice design for little builds but I wait for a long time and ask many times about it but not response, probably fails, it’s a pitty.